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In an unusual move, department officials had asked the department’s Appellate Division to weigh in on the case. Memos from section chief Diana K. Flynn and Marie K. McElderry support the Coates team’s contention that the case should be fully pursued.

May 13:

Mr. Perrelli again meets with Ms. Butts and another unnamed White House official. Again, who was the unnamed official?

May 13, evening:

Ms. King and Mr. Rosenbaum argue late into the evening, quite contentiously, with the Coates team about whether to pursue the case.

May 14:

Mr. Perrelli sets up a meeting for May 18 with White House Domestic Policy Adviser Melody Barnes. Arguments within Justice Department continue to rage.

May 15:

Despite the advice from the Appellate Section and from the Coates team, Ms. King orders Mr. Coates and Mr. Popper to dismiss the case against three defendants and seek an extremely limited injunction against the fourth.

May 19:

Now-cleared defendant Jerry Jackson is allowed again to serve as an official Democratic poll watcher in Philadelphia municipal elections.

Late May:

Inquiries start coming from the press and Congress about the dismissal of the cases.

May 27:

Mr. Perrelli meets at the White House with White House Counsel Gregory Craig.

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