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Mr. Pekar took a radically different track from the superhero-laden comics that had dominated the industry. He instead specialized in the lives of ordinary people, chronicling his life as a file clerk in Cleveland and his relationship with his third wife, Joyce Brabner. His 1994 graphic novel, “Our Cancer Year,” detailed his struggle with lymphoma.


Church where pastor was killed is razed

ANADARKO | Authorities have demolished the Oklahoma church where a pastor was killed in August, and they plan to build a memorial at the site.

The body of Carol Daniels, 61, of Oklahoma City was found Aug. 23 inside Christ Holy Sanctified Church in Anadarko. Her neck and throat had been slashed and she had been stabbed in the chest, back, stomach and hands.

No one has been arrested in her death. The church has been closed since the slaying.


NTSB: Duck boat got no response

PHILADELPHIA | In the minutes before a barge rammed into an idled duck boat, dumping more than 30 tourists overboard and leaving two people dead, radio calls from the tourist craft to the tug boat pushing the barge went unanswered, the National Transportation Safety Board said Monday.

The crew of the tug Caribbean Sea included a master, a mate, an engineer and two deck hands, the NTSB said. One mate “exercised his Fifth Amendment right and refused to meet with investigators” over the weekend, it said.

One of the deck hands was also asleep at the time, but it wasn’t clear whether he was on the work clock.

The duck boat’s mate and a deck hand both said their radio calls to the tug “received no response,” the NTSB said. The agency said it also interviewed others aboard different boats who said they “recalled hearing” the duck boat’s radio calls.


Crewman reburied 60 years later

ARLINGTON | U.S. Navy Ensign Robert Langwell would have been destined for a dark, watery grave if not for the kindness of a fisherman in South Korea who pulled his body from the ocean some 60 years ago.

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