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Thanks to a tip from that same fisherman, family members were able to bury him Monday at Arlington National Cemetery.

Langwell, a native of Columbus, Ind., died aboard the USS Magpie when the ship hit a mine and exploded off the coast of South Korea on Oct. 1, 1950, months after the start of the Korean War. Twelve soldiers survived; Langwell was one of 20 lost at sea. He was 26.

Days later, his body got tangled in that fisherman’s net and was pulled from the sea. Local residents buried him in a shallow grave in Chuksan-ri, South Korea, where he remained for decades.

Two years ago, the fisherman’s tip led South Korean officials to search for Langwell’s body. In April 2009, they recovered his skeletal remains and an old identification card from a shallow grave three miles from where the ship sank.

A genealogy search led U.S. Navy officials to Brenda Showalter, also of Columbus, Langwell’s second cousin.


iPhone 4 antenna faulted in test

SEATTLE | Consumer Reports said Monday it will not recommend Apple Inc.’s newest iPhone because of reception problems caused by its antenna design.

After the iPhone 4 went on sale in June, buyers started complaining that holding the gadget a certain way could cause reception to fade and calls to drop.

Apple has said that any phone will lose signal strength when gripped in certain ways. It said the iPhone 4 seems to show a larger drop because it has been using a faulty formula to decide how many signal bars to show.

But Consumer Reports said it tested several phones that use AT&T Inc.’s network, and only the iPhone 4 seemed to have the reception issue.

Apple did not respond to messages seeking comment.

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