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When these facts about client loyalty and the targeting of minorities for abortions were highlighted by pro-life groups, Planned Parenthood stopped making the service reports public.

Fast-forward to 2010. For the past several years, those opposed to Planned Parenthood have been making public the facts and figures from Planned Parenthood’s annual reports. These facts have shown the ever-increasing number of abortions performed: 244,628 (2003), 255,015 (2004), 264,943 (2005), 289,750 (2006) and 305,310 (2007), and the huge increase in taxpayer funds going to the organization (from $265.2 million in 2004 to $349.6 million in 2008).

In the midst of all the controversy over the GAO report and Planned Parenthood’s underreporting of $1.3 billion in expenditures, it appears that Planned Parenthood is adopting the same tactic it did in 1992. Planned Parenthood apparently has decided simply to stop issuing its annual report.

We don’t know how many abortions Planned Parenthood facilities performed in 2008 or 2009 because it is not releasing the numbers. We don’t know the extent of government funding during its 2008-09 or 2009-10 fiscal years because it is not releasing the numbers.

If Planned Parenthood - a tax-exempt organization bankrolled to a staggering extent by the government - won’t hand over its internal audits or let the public know the details of its operations, our government should stop handing over the taxpayers’ hard-earned dollars to the organization.

With 40 percent of Planned Parenthood’s customers abandoning it every year, the organization is a sinking ship, and that ship has on-board billions in taxpayers’ money. It is better to send billions of dollars directly to the bottom of the sea than to fund Planned Parenthood’s wholesale slaughter of un-born babies.

Rita Diller is the national director of American Life League’s Stop Planned Parenthood project.