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  • LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Abortion about money, not health or rights

    Shakespeare's Lady Macbeth demonstrates the same cold-hearted sentiments as Planned Parenthood Federation of America President Cecile Richards and her accomplices in the abortion industry ("For the abortion industry, the question of when life begins doesn't matter," Web, March 21). Here we have the irony that a mother, that figure traditionally deemed the epitome of a caring, nurturing person, who turns her back on the most vulnerable. Yet reason tells us abortion is the absolute antithesis of motherhood, a perversion of the finest feminine instincts.

  • Illustration by Linas Garsys for The Washington Times

    FRANZONELLO: What's Planned Parenthood afraid of?

    When it comes to feminist goals, working to end sex-selection abortions should be common ground for all sides. It is a real war on women, costing the lives of girls simply because they are girls. While mainstream American values reject gender-based killings as patently offensive, in this war on women in the womb, Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry are on the side of abortion-trumps-all.

  • House GOP asks for data on abortion spending

    House Republicans have begun an investigation into Planned Parenthood's use of federal funds, questioning whether the national network of abortion providers has proper checks in place to prevent violations of federal law.

  • GOP has 'blueprint for action' on Planned Parenthood

    The Planned Parenthood Federation of America, which receives about $1 million a day in taxpayer funds, should be investigated by Congress, a group of House Republicans said in a Capitol Hill event Thursday.

  • Sondra Goldschein (left) poses Thursday for friend Joanna Diamond (right) as they join in a Stand Up for Women's Health rally on the Mall. The event was sponsored by Planned Parenthood, NARAL Pro-Choice America, and other groups. (Rod Lamkey Jr./The Washington Times)

    Abortion fight looms large in spending debate endgame

    Some House Republicans say de-funding the reproductive health care organization Planned Parenthood is so important that it is worth risking a government shutdown, to try to force Democrats hand as the two sides try to reach an agreement on a budget for the remainder of 2011.

  • Illustration: The unborn by Alexander Hunter for The Washington Times

    DILLER: A black hole for babies and bucks

    Where's the money? That's the question on everyone's mind after reading the recently released Government Accountability Office (GAO) report. The GAO numbers on money paid out to Planned Parenthood between 2002 and 2008 reveal an unaccounted-for $1.3 billion.

  • Chart: Where is Planned Parenthood's funding going?

    DILLER: Planned Parenthood's missing millions

    A new report from the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) on federal tax money funneled into Planned Parenthood and similar organizations raises more questions than it answers about the nation's largest abortion chain.

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