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Mr. Offner, who signed off on Mr. Riccio’s employment contracts as an active board member for 10 years, confirmed that the school and nonprofit organization co-own the Scotland property, but he could not point to any school-related use of it. He said he had never visited it. An e-mail obtained by The Times shows it was not included on a school list of assets.

Mr. Offner also said the school canceled the University Club membership a year ago.

School administrators, trustees and public officials never challenged Mr. Riccio’s lifestyle, but an inquiry began after a former employee went to the OIG in August 2008, according to the e-mails.

Mr. Williams, who said problems at SAIL didn’t surface until July 2008, blamed “extremely suspect” audits by outside accounting firms at three of the District’s charter schools in the past two years. He said the charter board is urging schools to adopt tougher oversight standards. But with 27 employees and a $3 million budget to police 57 charter schools in control of $575 million, he said, the board doesn’t have enough resources.