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Diamond Hilton membership is by no means considered the best top tier in the industry. For example, it offers neither the suite upgrades not the free Internet access that Starwood Platinum members receive. If the new level simply provides those benefits, it would be catching up with the competition, while its qualification criteria would certainly be more demanding.

“We are at least evaluating things that are not commonly offered now in the [hospitality] industry,” Mr. Diskin said, though if one considers benefits “from your Centurion or platinum [American Express] card or some airline cards, they may not be that unique.” He declined to be more specific.

As regular readers of this column would recall, Hilton devalued its “award” redemption chart in January, requiring about 25 percent more points on average to book a free night. Mr. Diskin said the company weathered the bad publicity it received after it announced the changes in the fall.

“By every measure, it hasn’t had a negative impact” on business, he said.