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A traveler’s tale about TSA troubles

- The Washington Times - Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I read with great interest your Nov. 12 editorial "T&A at the TSA" (Comment & Analysis) and want to share my recent encounters with screenings at both Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport and Boston's Logan International Airport.

I am 73 years old, have two artificial knees, wear braces for bad ankles and walk with a cane. At both airports in September, I was put through the full-body scanner and then intrusively patted down afterwards. It seems to me that one or the other type of screening would have sufficed.

On both occasions, I had to wait for a female official to be found to pat me down. I don't know why, but my belt had to be turned inside out and my stomach exposed after I have been thoroughly X-rayed. The whole affair needs more common sense.


McLean, Va.

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