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In other words, the defense probably won’t be clicking on all cylinders until next year at the earliest.

McNabb has taken the brunt of the criticism for the offense, but the Redskins need better linemen and some more receivers.

Joey Galloway has been a waste of a roster spot so far; he’s caught only nine passes and has worked his way down the pecking order. He was a starter at the beginning of the season, dropped to the No. 3 wideout after a few games, then was benched Monday night after his poorly run route led to an Eagles interception.

As a result, look for confident 5-foot-7 kick returner Brandon Banks to start getting more snaps at receiver.

“I feel like I can catch a 5-yard route and go to 60 and put points on the board,” said Banks, the only player showing a sense of bravado in the locker room this week.

Otherwise, there are only so many lineup changes the Redskins can make that haven’t already been tried. It wouldn’t make sense to overhaul the offensive and defensive schemes yet again, so that leaves intangibles as the best hope for a turnaround.

Mike Shanahan said he needs to do a better job preparing his team, and McNabb said maybe everyone is fretting a bit too much.

“We really just need to relax and go out and play football,” McNabb said.

(This version CORRECTS Corrects 12th paragraph to say Orakpo is talking about the Redskins defense instead of offense.)