SGT. SHAFT: Free ‘Patriot eGames’ for vets, troops

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Dear Sgt Shaft:

For 38 years, we non-paid volunteers in the Golden Rule Society have been helping support our troops, veterans and their families.

We’re now offering what we call “Patriot eGames” to all who protect and serve.

The family oriented computer games are free and make fun gifts to share with friends, family and nonprofit organizations.

In living the Golden Rule, we can’t exclude anyone … so we include everyone.

You may share this e-mail as thanks and respect to all who served, fought and even died defending our freedoms.

For those who wish to get their free “Patriot eGames,” visit

Warmest personal regards to you and yours,


Capt. Len Kaine, U.S. Navy-retired

Dear Len,

It is projects like yours that reinforce the following words by Abba Hillel Silver that so aptly reflect what is good about America — our people:

God built a continent of glory and filled it with treasures untold;
He carpeted it with soft-rolling prairies and columned it with thundering mountains;
He studded it with sweet-flowing fountains and traced it with long-winding streams;
He planted it with deep-shadowed forests, and filled them with song,
Then he called unto a thousand peoples and summoned the bravest among them.
They came from the ends of the earth, each bearing a gift and a hope.
The glow of adventure was in their eyes, and in their hearts the glory of hope.
And out of the bounty of earth and the labor of men,
Out of the longing of hearts and the prayer of souls,
Out of the memory of ages and hopes of the world,
God fashioned a nation in love, blessed it with
Purpose sublime — and called it AMERICA

Shaft notes

The Sarge joins the Fleet Reserve Association (FRA) in its concern about states and territories that are disenfranchising military and overseas voters by violating voting law, and is urging Attorney General Eric Holder and the Department of Justice to take decisive action against them.

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