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Japan recalls envoy from Russia

TOKYO | Japan temporarily called its ambassador back from Russia on Tuesday but left the door open for a possible summit despite growing anger in Tokyo over President Dmitry Medvedev’s visit to a disputed island off Japan’s northern coast.

Mr. Medvedev’s trip to the island on Monday — the first by a Russian leader — elicited angry protests from Tokyo and came as Japan is embroiled in another heated territorial dispute with China over islands in the south.


Report: Missile targets Chinese air bases

TAIPEI | Taiwan is developing a potent missile system that can strike airfields and harbors on the mainland, in a bid to nip a Chinese invasion in the bud, local media said Tuesday.

The “Wan Chien” or “Ten Thousand Swords” missile system passed an initial operating test earlier this year, said Defense Technology Monthly.

Each missile carries more than 100 cluster bomb warheads capable of blowing dozens of small craters in airport runways, making them impossible to use, the magazine said. The missile also can target harbors, missile and radar bases, and troop build-up areas.

From wire dispatches and staff reports