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Series record: Utah 50, BYU 30, 4 ties.

When you get religion involved things can get nasty. Both schools were founded by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and many students at both schools are Mormons. But BYU is owned by the church and Utah is a public school. The Utes tend to think the Cougars act holier than thou. Former BYU quarterback Max Hall called the Utes classless after last year’s game.

8) Clemson-South Carolina.

Nickname: Palmetto Bowl or Battle for the Palmetto State.

Series record: Clemson 65, South Carolina 38, 4 ties.

The long history of animosity between the schools dates back to the early 1800s and has various political and cultural roots. Fights were common in the early years, and in 2004 the Gamecocks and Tigers had an old-school brawl that resulted in both schools banning their teams from postseason play.

9) Kansas-Missouri.

Nickname: Border War.

Series record: Missouri 55, Kansas 54, 9 ties.

There is some seriously bad blood not just between the schools, but between the states. The seeds were sowed before the Civil War when Lawrence, Kan., was burned by Confederate raiders and 200 people were murdered. Both schools are known more for basketball, but it’s because of that the football rivalry is just as intense. For many years, winning the Border War was the sole definition of a successful season for the Jayhawks and Tigers.

10) Florida-Georgia.

Nickname: The World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party.

Series record: Georgia 47, Florida 40, 2 ties.

The nickname was officially phased out a few years ago because school officials felt it promoted underage drinking. Fair enough, though the party atmosphere that surrounds the neutral site game played in Jacksonville, Fla., almost every year since 1933 is as much a reason that it appears on this list as the football. And the football has been darn good, too.

11) Pittsburgh-West Virginia.

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