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“Pioneering feminist” Gloria Steinem is weighing in on conservative women, faulting Sarah Palin’s choice of “mama grizzly” as an icon because the bears “are famous for their exertion of reproductive control in their lives.” Like eating their young, maybe? Ms. Steinem, now 76 and a contributor to the online journal “Big Think,” is not keen on the Republican sisterhood in general.

“Republican women have accepted their own subordination,” she says. “Any group of people that has been subordinate absorbs the idea of our own subordination, and that it is natural, and comes to think that the only way to survive is to identify with the powerful. And I think that is not surprising, and it is what happens to a lot of right-wing women. I mean, they think they better do what the powerful tell them to, otherwise theyll be in even more trouble.”


• 91 percent of Americans still have holiday shopping to do.

• 79 percent say it is “important to them” that what they buy is made in America.

• 58 percent have not started shopping yet.

• 38 percent have started.

• 6 percent are finished.

• 54 percent of women say they finish shopping “early.”

• 47 percent of men say they finish shopping “at the last minute.”

Source: A Rasmussen reports survey of 1,000 adults conducted Nov. 20-21.

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