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One poll finds voters very critical of three leading presidential hopefuls: Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush. (associated press photographs)

Idiot, liar and boring? Vexed voters go off on Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Jeb Bush

- The Washington Times

American voters are hard to please. Or maybe they're just annoyed, or have early onset election fatigue. Consider that 1,653 likely U.S. voters were asked by Quinnipiac University to describe Democratic front-runner Hillary Rodham Clinton and Republican hopefuls Donald Trump and Jeb Bush in the single word of their choice -- and their choices were less than sterling.

Democratic presidential candidate Bernard Sanders, who is gaining ground on front-runner Hillary Rodham Clinton, will be among the five White House hopefuls at the party's summer meeting this week in Minnesota.

'Hey, DNC, where's the autopsy you promised?'

- The Washington Times

It's a biggie: All five Democratic presidential hopefuls will take a few moments off their campaign trail time to journey to Minneapolis for the party's official summer meeting, which begins Thursday. Indeed, Hillary Rodham Clinton, Sen. Bernie Sanders, Martin O'Malley, Lincoln Chafee and Jim Webb will all be along to share their feelings -- but not Vice President Joseph R. Biden, who lingers off stage, mulling his own White House run.

Republican National Committee chairman Reince Priebus said Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton is misleading the public. (Associated Press)

Damn the emails, full speed ahead for Hillary

- The Washington Times

Is it time for Hillary Rodham Clinton to put her presidential campaign on hold? If so, the Democratic front-runner hasn't heard the news. She's in Iowa at three grass-roots events on Wednesday, then it's on to Ohio. Americans themselves are not so sure.

A campaign image from the Draft Biden 2016 political action committee, now appearing on bumperstickers and other campaign swag.

Ridin' with Biden: New motto, much buzz about somebody called 'President Joe Biden'

- The Washington Times

Vice President Joseph R. Biden, Sen. Elizabeth Warren: Their low-key meeting in the nation's capital over the weekend has Democrats dancing, dubious or dithering over the prospects of "Biden/Warren 2016" -- or maybe it's Warren/Biden 2016, depending on the prevailing winds of sentiment. It's also certainly possible that there will be no combination, and that the meeting was a staged event to distract the news media from Hillary Rodham Clinton's email woes for the time being.

GOP hopeful Mike Huckabee is off to Israel this week, the Iran deal on his mind. (Campaign image from Mike Huckabee)

On the move: Mike Huckabee is off to Israel, the Iran deal on his mind

- The Washington Times

Voters have not forgotten Mike Huckabee, the former Arkansas governor and plainspoken pastor who is building up some formidable campaign apparatuses in Iowa and South Carolina, among other states. The Huckabee motto: "From hope to higher ground." The candidate will be off the U.S. political grid for a spell starting on Tuesday, however; he is bound for Israel.

The possibility of a Donald Trump/Ben Carson presidential ticket for 2016 has surfaced in the news media. (Associated Press photographs)

Trump/Carson 2016: It could happen

- The Washington Times

"While the punditocracy bloviates endlessly about the rise of Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump, branding this the year of the outsider, the ultimate outsider is quietly sneaking up along the outside, Ben Carson," observes PJ Media founder Roger L. Simon.

Talk radio host Michael Savage is among those pondering the Republican debate and all its implications. (AP Photo)

Conspiracy theories and outrage: Trump-mania continues

- The Washington Times

"Hey, Donald -- Have you attacked Hillary yet? Or are you a shill for the Clintons?" asked Instapundit columnist Glenn Reynolds in a tweet Sunday afternoon after Donald Trump declared in his own Twitter missive that a 10-minute speech by Carly Fiorina could give him a "massive headache."

John R. Bolton tells Inside the Beltway he has some advice for the GOP hopefuls (Associated Press)

John R. Bolton's strategic debate advice

- The Washington Times

Straightforward and prudent advice for the Republican hopefuls from former United Nations Ambassador John R. Bolton as they troop in to officially debate one another on Thursday night, under the scrutiny of fault-finding Democrats and a curious nation. Intense, yes, but Mr. Bolton hopes to see the Republican candidates all "agreeable" on five points when things get rolling on Thursday evening.

The GOP hopefuls in a convivial mood following their Monday night forum in New Hampshire. (ASSOCIATED PRESS)

Identity crisis: Warriors or polished politicians at the big Republican debate?

- The Washington Times

Ten Republican presidential hopefuls are now huddling with strategists, advisers, wardrobe consultants, vocal coaches, maiden aunts, Labrador Retrievers and anyone else who could give them an edge during the first official debate in a mere 24 hours, a prime-time broadcast on Fox News before a bodacious audience. Does this audience crave combat?

Republican hopeful Donald Trump has a moment with his fans during a stop in Iowa. (Associated Press)

Donald Trump's powerhouse constituency throws rivals off their game

- The Washington Times

"Republican support for Donald Trump just continues to grow with no clear sense of who his constituency really is. This makes it very difficult for his opponents to figure out how to take him on in the upcoming debate," says Patrick Murray, director of the Monmouth University Polling Institute which released yet another survey on Monday.