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  • Inside the Beltway: Just a little media protection for the White House

    By Jennifer Harper - The Washington Times

    Broadcasters have offered lengthy broadcasts about Gaza and Ukraine but scant criticism about the White House role in the double crises. On the "Big Three" networks, in fact, the criticism amounted to less than a minute — in almost six hours of recent news coverage. Published July 24, 2014

  • Inside the Beltway: Frugal-phobic Congress offers 828 spending bills

    By Jennifer Harper - The Washington Times

    Old habits die hard. During the first session of the 113th Congress, members of the U.S. House authored 496 spending bills, compared with 112 bills that would save money. U.S. senators, meanwhile, drafted 332 increase bills and 56 savings bills. Published July 23, 2014

  • Inside the Beltway: The evolving White House deflection strategy

    By Jennifer Harper - The Washington Times

    Press and public are aware that President Obama will appear at five Democratic fundraisers by the time Thursday rolls around, despite alarming events here and abroad. Initially, the White House reasoned that in times of unrest, business as usual rather than crisis management was the tactic of choice on the world stage. But that's not quite good enough now. Published July 22, 2014

  • Inside the Beltway: White House fundraising — never a dull moment

    By Jennifer Harper - The Washington Times

    Learned presidential advisers reason that in times of international turmoil, it's better for the White House to conduct business as usual rather than shift into crisis mode. Who needs it? With that in mind, perhaps, President Obama is off on a West Coast fundraising jaunt on Tuesday. So fire up Air Force One, please; he journeys to Seattle for two private fundraisers on behalf of the Democratic National Committee and the Democratic Senate Campaign Committee. The locations are swank waterfront homes, the guests number in the hundreds, tickets run as high as $32,400 and the hosts include Costco founder Jim Sinegal. Published July 21, 2014

  • Inside the Beltway: Putin popularity soars in Russia

    By Jennifer Harper - The Washington Times

    Americans might do well to review the pivotal points of the Cold War when the old Soviet Union was in full aggressive posture, billed as a "bear" on the public stage. Russia appears to be looking for a repeat performance while new polling reveals a confident population, suggesting that persistent rumors of "Cold War Nostalgia" in the nation could be genuine. Some current numbers: President Vladimir Putin now has an 83 percent approval rating among Russians — his best numbers in years, this according to a Gallup poll of face-to-face interviews with 2,000 Russians released Friday. Published July 20, 2014

  • Inside the Beltway: 'Conservatarians' poised to make noise

    By The Washington Times

    Political hybrids are beginning to emerge and assert themselves. Here come the "conservatarians," who are complicated, edgy and attracting some name-brand GOP talent. They also represent a mashup of conservative and libertarian ideas, amped up with cutting edge technology, social media and some attitude. Conservatarians will be out in force this weekend at what's billed as "Reboot 2014," led by Republican Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky and Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers of Washington — plus a large cast of activists, strategists, whiz kids and IT gurus who will assemble, they say, "where liberty and technology meet." Published July 17, 2014

  • Inside the Beltway: The 2016 fringe candidates come a-runnin'

    By Jennifer Harper - The Washington Times

    The outsiders, the also-rans, the determined individualists — the Federal Election Commission has been besieged by presidential candidate filings from lesser-known Americans in "a massive uptick" compared to the 2012 presidential race. Published July 16, 2014

  • Inside the Beltway: America still dreams of 'President' Ben Carson

    By Jennifer Harper - The Washington Times

    There's something about Ben Carson that gives many Americans great pause. Perhaps it is his plainspoken logic and calm demeanor that resonates with those who wish the former pediatric neurosurgeon and best-selling author would run for president. They are willing to put their money where their thoughts are. In less than a year, the National Draft Ben Carson for President Committee has raised $7.2 million; Dr. Carson is not involved with this new political action committee, which now boasts 95,000 individual donors and 17,000 volunteers. Published July 15, 2014

  • Inside the Beltway: Surprise: the world still likes America

    By Jennifer Harper - The Washington Times

    "A country's brand is a valued commodity, especially when that nation is the world's largest economic and strategic power. And, in 2014, America's image remains strong in much of the world," states a surprisingly forthright, massive analysis of "global attitudes" from the Pew Research Center which found, essentially, that much of the planet still likes America. Published July 14, 2014

  • Inside the Beltway: White House grade slips to 'F'

    By Jennifer Harper - The Washington Times

    Inquiring minds wonder if there's a "G" in the grading repertoire. And that does not stand for "good." Pollster John Zogby has given President Obama an "F" this week for the White House performance on the global stage, and the researcher has no imminent good news for the president. Published July 13, 2014

  • Inside the Beltway: Bolton bolsters the 'national security' candidate

    By Jennifer Harper - The Washington Times

    Americans must have considerable interest in supporting "national security candidates" as the planet grows more dangerous and the midterm elections approach. John R. Bolton reports that between his political action committee and super PAC, he's raised a cool $2.3 million in the second quarter of the year, with a record $4 million to date and $3 million cash on hand. Published July 10, 2014

  • Inside the Beltway: What will become of the Obama legacy?

    By Jennifer Harper - The Washington Times

    The president has some 30 months left in office, and the dreaded "L" word looms — "L" as in "legacy." As his days in the White House dwindle down to the proverbial precious few, Mr. Obama's legacy building is likely to commence sooner rather than later. The hunt will be on for authentic achievements with quantifiable gains and laudable forays across the aisle. When analysts and pundits finish squawking about it all, the historians will emerge to sort things out, a process that can take decades. Published July 9, 2014

  • Inside the Beltway: President Obama's script change in the Texas immigration drama

    By Jennifer Harper - The Washington Times

    It appears that some adult over at the White House at last understood that even a hastily called meeting between President Obama and Texas Gov. Rick Perry to discuss the border crisis was unavoidable, and necessary. Mr. Obama is in the Lone Star State for a trio of highfalutin Democratic fundraisers Wednesday. But their big, likely brief rendezvous and photo op did not come about without much dialogue and theater. Published July 8, 2014

  • Inside the Beltway: As the border crisis burns, Obama lets the fundraising begin

    By Jennifer Harper - The Washington Times

    There was a recent Republican rodeo not 5 miles from the Mexico border: The most stalwart members of the House Homeland Security Committee and Texas Gov. Rick Perry staged a field hearing in McAllen, Texas, with the immigration crisis and the fates of thousands of hopeful but illegal young immigrants at the top of their agenda. They pined for a presidential visit — and still do. Published July 7, 2014

  • Inside the Beltway: Elizabeth Warren's rumored run gets serious

    By Jennifer Harper - The Washington Times

    The rumor that President Obama will support Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts in a presidential bid rather than Hillary Rodham Clinton has emerged, like a big moth from a carefully crafted cocoon. Published July 6, 2014

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