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Zounds. The Sam Adams Alliance plans to recognize “the country’s most active and effective citizen leaders” in a big way with the annual Sammie Awards in the spring. The nonprofit is now taking nominations to determine those grass-roots and activist folk who redrew the lines of the political playing field.

“Among the prizes: Modern Day Sam Adams ($20,000), Messenger Award ($10,000), Reformer Award ($10,000), Watchdog Award ($10,000), Rookie Award ($10,000). Get information, make a nomination here: Don’t dilly-dally. The process closes in late January.


- 80 percent of voters “sensed” that government grew larger during the first two years of the Obama administration.

- 71 percent say the average American has “too little” information about how tax dollars are spent.

- 68 percent say “corruption” played a major role in the financial crisis.

- 63 percent say the new Congress should “never” authorize use of taxpayer funds for bailouts or buyouts of private businesses.

- 53 percent say local law enforcement should be “more involved” in enforcing federal immigration laws.

- 43 percent say the level of corruption in federal government has increased in the last two years.

Source: A Judicial Watch/Polling Company survey of 834 adults who voted in the midterm elections on Nov. 2.

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