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To fix the problem the Pentagon is increasing the number of investigators and counterintelligence officials within the FBI’s 104 Joint Terrorism Task Forces around the country.

“There is no formal guidance standardizing how to share [force protection] threat information across the services or combatant commands,” the report said.

Additionally, because the Pentagon does not have direct access to threat reporting on suspicious activities, it has adopted the FBI’s Suspicious Activity Reporting (SAR) eGuardian.

The report also called for better screening of troops before and after they deploy on missions “to include behavioral indicators that a person may commit violent acts or become radicalized.”

Additionally, the report called for the Pentagon to set policy for the military to regulate privately owned weapons on military bases.

The report said the response to the attack was good and that prior training had helped save lives.

“In an active shooter scenario, the response is action, not cordon,” the report said.

Military police also are now permitted to use hollow-point ammunition to reduce the risk of injury to bystanders.