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Comparatively, they view Mr. Rossi as the pragmatic conservative candidate running to build a better future for America, someone who started with nothing and built a successful business and who took a strong stand against higher taxes and spending while serving as chairman of the Ways and Means Committee in the Washington State Senate.

There are other once-safe seats in play in the Evergreen State. A young and energetic Jaime Herrera is leading Denny Heck, a stodgy member of the Democratic machine, for a seat held by the Democrats for a dozen years. John Koster is leading in a recent poll against longtime incumbent Rep. Richard R. Larsen. James Watkins is running close to incumbent Rep. Jay Inslee.

This same anger toward incumbency and taxation is bringing five citizen-sponsored initiatives designed to roll back, eliminate or reduce taxes and fees on individuals and businesses to the November ballot.

Of particular note, Initiative 1053 would bring back the two-thirds vote requirement for the state Legislature to raise taxes. This was something the voters already passed and the Legislature gutted in order to raise taxes earlier this year.

I look forward to a new majority in November and to Senate and House members like Dino Rossi being elected across America. It’s starting to look like a new era and one that could last a generation or two - as long as we read our history books. And remember, leadership isn’t simply about being powerful - it’s about wielding that power to do the right thing.

Anthony Welcher, an executive board member of the Washington State Republican Party, worked at the State Department in the George W. Bush administration.