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He said the National Guard Border Enforcement Act would ensure border states “have the needed resources to protect their citizens from the ongoing border-related violence.”

The bill, endorsed by 20 other Republican members of the House, would authorize the secretary of defense to make 10,000 National Guard troops available on request from a U.S. governor. In addition, the troops would be paid for by the federal government and serve under the command of the requesting governor.

“The first duty of the federal government is to protect its people,” Mr. Poe said. “Texans are tired of the federal government’s failure to secure our borders and enforce our laws, yet at the same time running roughshod over state governments when they try to enforce the law and protect their citizens.”

More than 28,000 people have been killed in Mexico’s ongoing drug war, which U.S. authorities have said has spilled into the United States. In September, the U.S. Bureau of Land Management (BLM) posted signs along a major interstate highway in Arizona, warning travelers the area was unsafe because of drug and alien smugglers.

Under the National Guard Border Enforcement Act, troops would be authorized to conduct armed vehicle and foot patrols on the U.S. southern border; interdict vehicles, vessels and aircraft; search, seize and detain suspects; construct roads, fences and vehicle barriers; conduct search-and-rescue operations; gather intelligence; conduct surveillance and reconnaissance; and rely on aviation support.

Additionally, the bill would allow the secretary of defense to authorize additional troops, should operational control of the U.S. border not be achieved with the first 10,000 National Guard troops deployed.

Mr. Hartley’s father, Dennis, told the Associated Press that he was shocked by the killing of Commander Flores and regretted his death.

“I just, I’m in shock about this right now,” he said. “I really don’t have any hope that David will be found. I really hate other people putting their lives at stake. We don’t need more sons lost. If this is true, I’m just really heartbroken that this happened.”

The Mexican government has said it is using federal, state and local resources, including the military and helicopters, to search for Mr. Hartley’s body.

Texas Rangers and Texas Parks and Wildlife reconnaissance teams also have joined local and state authorities in searching for the body.