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Things also have clicked offensively for the Lions, even though they are 1-4. Veteran Shaun Hill, one of the league’s top backups entering the season _ along with Vick, Chad Pennington in Miami and Kerry Collins in Tennessee _ ably replaced Matt Stafford, but when Stafford’s recovered from a separated right shoulder, he’ll play.

Roethlisberger will play the rest of the way if he stays upright. And if he doesn’t, the Steelers might not mind riding this carousel. They went 3-1 with original third-stringer Dennis Dixon and No. 4 Batch at quarterback.

So maybe that’s the secret these days in a league where, despite all kind of rules protecting this precious commodity, so many quarterbacks keep getting hurt. Make sure you have four of them.

Then again, if they perform as poorly as Edwards and Anderson and Moore, how much use are they?