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“I didn’t even know about it when the Saints played,” Giants center Shaun O’Hara said. “It wasn’t like they told everybody they were going to do that. I thought they handled it well, but we didn’t talk about doing anything here because it doesn’t get anything done. Players right now, our responsibility is our jobs and focusing on games. We have people to negotiate for us. We are not negotiating ourselves so it’s not anything we are concerned about now.”

Jets fullback Tony Richardson, a longtime key union figure who coincidentally was released by the Jets in the final preseason cut, then re-signed, likes what he has seen.

“Well, I think, that obviously was a great start,” said Richardson, whose team plays Monday night against Baltimore. “Our offensive line has been talking about one team, one voice, one heartbeat. That’s not going to change. We all stand together. Just like the owners, they all stand together.

“The biggest thing is we want to get some work done, so it’s not like us versus them. It’s the fact that we have a great working relationship and we want to continue that working relationship. We understand that it’s a process, it’s a negotiation, and we just have to keep working on it.”