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“Don’t forget the eyes you looked into and the promises you made,” Mr. Lollar says. “I also want everyone to know that I am not in this race to make personal attacks on my opponent or anyone else in Congress or the current administration. We disagree with them on issues but personal attacks will have no place in my campaign.”


Those put off - or alarmed - by the AARP have a new alternative. The Alliance for Retirement Prosperity Association, billed as “a true conservative alternative to AARP’s left-wing agenda” is officially in business.

“The alliance will offer seniors more discounts on a wider range of higher quality products and services. It also will provide a powerful and effective alternative for seniors and boomers across the country who are sick and tired of watching AARP spend their hard-earned money on its hard-left agenda,” says economist Lawrence Hunter, newly minted president.

With a modest $16 annual fee, the for-profit membership association is targeted to politically moderate-to-conservative consumers disaffected with AARP, which Mr. Hunter characterizes as “a monopolistic, one-size-fits all, endorsed-products approach.”

Among the services: Medicare Supplemental insurance, prescription drug coverage, individual health, life, homeowners and auto insurance, pet insurance and travel insurance, financial services, travel discounts, job search service, assorted discounts. See the details here:


  • 59 percent of Americans say it is “unacceptable” to walk away from a mortgage payment.
  • 71 percent of Republicans and 54 percent of Democrats agree.
  • 19 percent overall say it is “acceptable” to walk away from the payment.
  • 11 percent of Republicans and 23 percent of Democrats agree.
  • 17 percent say the decision “depends” on circumstances.
  • 13 percent of Republicans and 19 percent of Democrats agree.
  • 21 percent overall say they are “underwater” (owe more on their homes than it is currently worth).

Source: A Pew Research Center survey of 2,967 adults conducted May 11 to 21 and released Wednesday.

  • Grumbles, mumbles and revelations to