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Van Gundy talked about the conversations he used to have with former NBA player Bob McAdoo while they were working together in Miami. He said McAdoo told him that playing against smaller opponents always gave him confidence because of the comfort zone he’d get in being able to shoot over them.

“No matter how hard (opponents) played, he knew he could just get his shot over the top and all he had to do was concentrate on making it. He didn’t have to rush and adjust and the whole thing,” Van Gundy said.

Van Gundy said the Hawks‘ shooters have similar matchups with Magic 6-foot point guard Jameer Nelson guarding Kirk Hinrich (6-4), and

Atlanta’s Joe Johnson (6-7) and Crawford (6-5) both can shoot over J.J. Redick (6-4) when he is in the game.

And that’s not even including Hawks‘ 6-10 power forward Al Horford, who had his way using the pick and pop to create space between he and Brandon Bass (6-8) to drill 15-foot jumpers.

It’s why Howard, who earned his third-straight NBA Defensive Player of the Year award Monday, said Orlando’s efforts will be put into making the Hawks find another way to beat them.

“It’s not our goal to let guys who can shoot the ball well shoot it,” Howard said. “We want to make them do something else. Jamal Crawford, he shot a lot of jump shots, we didn’t force him to get to the basket and finish. The same thing with Joe Johnson, it was either floater from far away or a jump shot.

“So we’ve gotta make those guys do different things.”