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So America’s got two choices: Pay off the debt - somehow, over years and years - or increase its credit limit and just keep juggling debt.

And that latter course is, of course, the easiest and least painful option. Rather than simply cutting spending by 20 percent across the board - which is what any normal American family would do - lawmakers will instead just raise the credit limit, even as they put the nation an average of $5 billion more into debt every day.

“Either way, the U.S. has got to hire a professional to help it manage its debt,” he said.

Left unexamined is just how the world’s richest country came to be $14 trillion in debt. Millionaires and billionaires (despised by Mr. Obama) manage their money so that they never have to work again, instead investing their capital to make their money earn even more money. Just why does the United States owe China and Japan trillions of dollars, when they should owe us trillion?

Of all the possible solutions to the problem - even “radical” ones - it’s clear that the very worst is to borrow more. Which is why Congress will do exactly that.

Joseph Curl covered the White House and politics for a decade for The Washington Times. He can be reached at