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_Mike Bohn, University of Colorado athletic director

_Tom Bowen, San Jose State University athletic director

_Bob De Carolis, Oregon State University athletic director

_Dave Heeke, Central Michigan University athletic director

_Paul Krebs, University of New Mexico athletic director

_Chris Massaro, Middle Tennessee State University athletic director

The only two subcommittee members not on the 2008 Fiesta Frolic attendee list are Duke University football coach David Cutcliffe and University of Southern Mississippi athletics director Richard Giannini. Both said Monday that they had never attended the event.

Last week, the NCAA announced it would delay its decision on whether to license the Fiesta Bowl, saying it needs time to gather information on how the event will be managed in the future, and wanted to review the findings of a BCS task force looking into the internal report’s findings.

According to the records obtained by Playoff PAC, two of the seven members of that task force also attended the 2008 Fiesta Frolic: Stanford athletic director Bob Bowlsby and Sun Belt Commissioner Wright Waters.

Waters said Monday that he paid for lodging but accepted golf green fees one day and two dinners.

“Accepting a round of golf and two meals over three days is not illegal and certainly fits into the range of normal corporate hospitality,” he said. “Further if I or other members of the Task Force thought I had a conflict, I would not have agreed to serve. I do not believe that golf and meals would affect judgment on a serious manner like the task force is handling. However, I do think that what was considered common practice three years ago is certainly worthy of review at all levels and no doubt change is inevitable.”

Bowlsby did not respond to e-mail and phone messages.

The Fiesta Bowl has canceled this year’s event, which was originally scheduled for next week, saying it wanted to focus on hiring new staff and adopting new rules. The bowl says it plans to bring it back next year.

BCS executive director Bill Hancock, who formed the task force, said Monday he attended the 2008 Fiesta Frolic and paid his own way. (He said he didn’t remember if the Fiesta Bowl had ever paid for his expenses.)

“Some members have participated and some have not, and many of us have also attended the Fiesta Bowl games. But attendance at either event has no bearing on the decisions our group of experts will make,” said Hancock, adding that the task force “will render an appropriate and well considered judgment.”