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The commission’s ruling came nearly two years to the day that GameFly first filed a complaint about the hand-sorting practice.

Postal Regulatory Commissioner Tony L. Hammond wrote in a concurring opinion that he “reluctantly” joined in the decision. He said his reluctance stemmed from concern that the Postal Service and its customers could misinterpret the commission’s finding.

“The Postal Service worked with a customer, Netflix, to help its business thrive through the use of the mail,” he wrote. “The Postal Service should work with current and potential customers. Netflix explained to the Postal Service what treatment would be most helpful to it. There is nothing wrong with that.”

But Mr. Hammond added that in the “lengthy and complex case,” the Postal Service’s arguments appeared “at best, strained. He stated he was “not convinced that management is powerless to stop local officials from following unnecessarily expensive operating practices.”