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Quinn’s attorney, Gloria Allred, said Friday she was “very pleased” by the Braves‘ action, adding that she spoke with Selig about the incident earlier in the day.

“We are providing all relevant evidence to the commissioner for his investigation,” Allred said. “We appreciate the fact that the commissioner has indicated to me that the alleged behavior, if verified, would be completely unacceptable and that appropriate action will be taken at the conclusion of the investigation. We look forward to the results.”

McDowell was a star reliever with the Mets and Philadelphia Phillies, playing a key role on New York’s World Series-winning club in 1986. He has been Atlanta’s pitching coach since 2005, earning praise for his work in developing young hurlers such as Tommy Hanson and Jair Jurrjens.

“He’s the most consistent guy I’ve ever been around,” Gonzalez said. “A solid, solid, solid person.”

Just not a very solid day for the Braves.


Associated Press freelance writer Amy Jinkner-Lloyd contributed to this report.