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And speaking of Mr. Trump, the billionaire real estate mogul, possible 2012 presidential candidate and newly realized “birther” has his own showbiz news to share. He has become a now-and-then anchorman of sorts.

Mr. Trump has landed his own news segment on Fox News’ “Fox and Friends” morning show. The name is “Mondays With Trump,” now airing every Monday morning as a foil to regular hosts Steve Doocy, Gretchen Carlson and Brian Kilmeade.

“Never bashful, brash Trump,” proclaims the network.

“My message is a better message than anyone else,” Mr. Trump says.


“Well, why not? Cafe Press, the online maker of wearables and bumper stickers emblazoned with the latest political sentiments, already is gauging public opinion of the 2012 presidential election according T-shirt sales.

This week, voters are showing their support - or adamant disapproval - of President Obama’s re-election campaign, with more than 13,000 “Obama 2012”-related product designs added in the past day alone,” the company says.

At the moment, Mr. Obama is in the lead: A total of 777,000 pro-Obama T-shirts have been designed by eager fans, compared with 453,000 anti-Obama T-shirts, she says. Of course, as soon as assorted Republican hopefuls make their own White House intentions known, that could change.”


• 55 percent of Americans say opposing lawmakers should compromise on a budget deal.

• 71 percent of liberals and 69 percent of Democrats and 53 percent of independents agree.

• 43 percent of Republicans, 40 percent of conservatives and 26 percent of tea party supporters also agree.

• 36 percent overall say lawmakers should “stand by their principles,” even if it means a government shutdown.

• 68 percent of tea party supporters, 56 percent of conservatives and 50 percent of Republicans agree.

• 38 percent of independents, 24 percent of liberals and 21 percent of Democrats also agree.

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