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Hightower pressed his cutback lane and then took it. He might have scored, but Williams did not sustain his block. Still, the play was a reminder of what the Redskins can accomplish when their line is operating as designed.


LT Trent Williams played with an edge or a mean streak that I don’t recall from his rookie season. He finished many of his blocks — the play above notwithstanding — several yards downfield. On Washington’s second offensive play he drove DE Brett Keisel about 10 yards off the line of scrimmage. Later on that drive when Keisel jumped to break up a screen pass, Williams pancaked him out of the air.


Will Montgomery anchored at center well enough to suggest he’ll be a significant improvement over Casey Rabach. He also got to the second level on a few runs and blocked linebackers. Strength is Montgomery’s greatest asset, and it showed.


TE Fred Davis run blocked as well as I can ever remember. He didn’t lock onto his man and eat him up, but he was able to create running lanes by shoving his defender back and occasionally squaring his shoulders to the sideline. He did that to Pittsburgh LB Jason Worilds on Tim Hightower‘s 16-yard run on the first drive.

Davis’ blocking is a major issue with TE Chris Cooley (left knee) sidelined for a couple of weeks, but he passed the first test on Friday.


Speaking of Cooley’s injury, that might be the opening TE Mike Sellers needs to convince coaches to keep him around. It was a bit awkward seeing Sellers playing the final minutes of Friday’s game, an unfamiliar position for the 10-year veteran. However, he did play on the first-string kickoff return unit, so he hasn’t lost that position in addition to his fullback spot.

Sellers had an effective backside block on a running play but also committed a false start.


And how about the man who has taken Sellers’ fullback spot, Darrel Young? Young’s 16-yard reception began with a sharp change of direction in the backfield. He sold the run left and then broke his strides down to release into the right flat. Rex Grossman sensed the backside rush and got rid of the ball in time for Young to get into space and make two tacklers miss.

Young’s failure to sustain his block contributed to 3-yard loss on 1st-and-goal on Washington’s opening drive. However, his lead block was excellent on the play-action pass that got the drive started from the 1-yard line. Young also earholed a defender on PR/KR Brandon Banks’ 19-yard punt return.

Overall, his performance should encourage coaches that he’s capable of handling the starting role. Now, Young must repeat that over three more games.

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