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Yes, even after the rigors of Iowa, the Republican presidential hopefuls are on the march. Mitt Romney is in New Hampshire, Herman Cain is in Indiana and Rep. Michele Bachmann of Minnesota is on her way to South Carolina. And Buddy Roemer? He’s in Washington on Monday to “discuss the corrupting influence in campaigns of his opponents,” he says.

Lest we forget, the former Louisiana governor has vowed not to accept any campaign donations more than $100 and is critical of politicians who do otherwise. Mr. Roemer will appear at the National Press Club to cite specific examples of “large, anonymous campaign donations and special-interest money” that went to President Obama, not to mention the campaigns of his Republican opponents.


• 93 percent of Americans say they are paying more for groceries now than they were a year ago.

• 4 percent say they are not paying more.

• 79 percent expect to pay even more for groceries a year from now.

• 15 percent expect to pay the same on groceries in a year; 3 percent expect to pay less.

• 79 percent are concerned about inflation in the U.S.

• 19 percent have some concerns about inflation; 4 percent have no concerns at all.

• 65 percent say they are not confident that the Federal Reserve can keep inflation and interest rates under control.

• 31 percent have some confidence in the Fed.

Source: A Rasmussen Reports survey of 1,000 adults conducted Aug. 8-9.

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