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IOSHA spokesman Chetrice Mosley said investigations must take into account many variables.

“When we do an investigation, it’s across the board. We look at the structure, the blueprints and all of the companies involved. We do interviews with employees as well as spectators, and we’ll work closely with state police,” she said. “So there are a lot of areas that we review before we make a determination.”

The fair reopened with a memorial service to honor the victims of the collapse. It canceled two of its top-billed concerts scheduled for the stage where the collapse happened _ a Janet Jackson performance on Wednesday and a Lady Antebellum show on Friday.

Gov. Mitch Daniels said the tragedy has broken the hearts of the state’s residents.

“Our first job is to get back in the business of living, get back in the business of the state fair and back in the business of caring for each other,” he said.


Coyne reported from South Bend, Ind. Associated Press writer Caitlin R. King contributed to this report.