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Independent of the scandal, this Miami camp began with one giant question: Would Harris or Stephen Morris play quarterback?

As of Saturday, if that’s been decided, no one is letting the secret out.

Both played well at times last year, and Golden has said even during this camp that the two are alternating with the first-string. Offensive coordinator Jedd Fisch said Saturday that even he doesn’t yet know who will start.

“I have no idea what coach Golden and his staff are going to be doing in terms of the depth chart,” Morris said.

Added Harris: “We’re just taking it day-by-day, going out there every day, giving it our all, having fun. Whatever the depth chart says come whenever we have to release it, I think by Tuesday, then that’s what it is and that’s what’s going into Maryland.”

Harris‘ teammates said Saturday they’re impressed with the way he’s handled the cloud hanging over his senior season.

Jacory’s Jacory,” Morris said. “He’s a happy guy all the time. Always smiling, always got a joke to say. He’s just a great guy. … All the situations that’s going outside of this program, he’s putting that behind him and is just focusing on football, focusing on this team.”

Harris entertained questions for much of the allotted half-hour at the team’s media day Saturday, doing so with typically the largest crowd of reporters gathered around him. He cracked a few one-liners, made fun of some teammates as they walked past, things he would have done under typical circumstances.

If he’s frightened for his future, it wasn’t showing.

“It’s just a little bump in the road,” Harris said. “It’s something that we’ve got to get through. Whatever happens happens. At the end of the day, you’ve still got to weather the storm and fight through it. That’s pretty much what we’re doing as a team. We’re going to fight through it and we’re going to come out on top.”


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