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One of Mr. Kessler’s attorneys, Pamela Marple, said her client has not seen the report, “but during the review he demonstrated that he was committed to encouraging the Postal Service to respond to the public and third parties in a respectful and responsive manner consistent with its best interests. The matter is concluded.”

In a letter last month to Louis J. Giuliano, chairman of the board of governors, Abbe Lowell, another attorney for Mr. Kessler, added that Mr. Kessler “at all times acted and communicated with the best interest of the USPS in mind.”

“Of course, Mr. Kessler could not control what outside individuals or USPS staff sent to him or what they might say outside his presence, but all material demonstrates that all of his communications and efforts were appropriate,” Mr. Lowell wrote, adding that Mr. Kessler “gained nothing personally from theses communications.”