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A Rand study for the Pentagon in 2008, as the Economist described it, found that “America is still the world’s science and technology powerhouse. It accounts for 40 percent of total world spending on research and development, and produces 63 percent of the most frequently cited publications. It is home to 30 of the world’s leading 40 universities, and employs 70 percent of the world’s living Nobel laureates. America produces 38 percent of patented new technologies among Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development member nations and employs 37 percent of the OECD’s researchers. …

“There is little evidence that America is resting on its laurels. Countries such as China and India may be boosting their science and technology muscle faster than America. But they are starting from a low base. America is outperforming Europe and Japan on many performance measures … America’s growth rate in patents averaged 6.6 percent a year compared with 5.1 percent for the European Union and 4.1 percent for Japan.”

This has not been a season of looking to our strengths. Rather, we have been obsessing on any perceived weakness - a season of Chinese gloating and Russian sharking at our temporary faltering.

It is time to close our ears to those who have given up on America - foreign and domestic - rekindle our optimism, unshackle our strength and get about the business of conquering tomorrow for the United States of America.

Tony Blankley is the author of “American Grit: What It Will Take to Survive and Win in the 21st Century” (Regnery, 2009) and vice president of the Edelman public relations firm in Washington.