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Alas, billionaire real estate mogul Donald Trump was not in the mix. But one pollster is already surveying voters about who they’d vote for on a third-party ticket. If there was a third-party ticket, of course. A certain Texas lawmaker is ruling that roost.

“An IBOPE Zogby interactive poll measured likely support for possible third party candidacies of Ron Paul, Ralph Nader and Michael Bloomberg, and finds 16 percent saying they would be likely to vote for Paul compared to 9 percent for Bloomberg and 7 percent for Nader,” says Zogby analyst Corry Schiermeyer. The poll of 2,061 likely voters was conducted Nov. 23-28.


The big event of the weekend for most of the Republican hopefuls is the aforementioned forum with Mr. Huckabee at the Fox News studios in Manhattan. Newt Gingrich will hang around the city long enough to meet with billionaire Donald Trump on Monday; an endorsement may or may not be in the offing.

Herman Cain has not gone into hiding, meanwhile. On the contrary he’ll be opening his Georgia campaign headquarters in Atlanta on Saturday, followed by a quick visit with the Oklahoma Republican Party. Meanwhile, here’s where the restless Republicans will be in the next 72 hours:

Iowa: Rick Santorum

Georgia: Mr. Cain

New Hampshire: Mr. Santorum, Rep. Ron Paul

New York: Rep. Michele Bachmann and Mr. Paul, Texas Gov. Rick Perry, Mitt Romney, Mr. Gingrich, Mr. Santorum

Oklahoma: Mr. Cain

South Carolina: Mrs. Bachmann, Jon Huntsman Jr.


• 38 percent of Americans approve of Mitt Romney in terms of basic favorability ratings.

• 56 percent of Republicans, 63 percent of conservative Republicans, 23 percent of Democrats, 23 percent of liberal Democrats and 45 percent of independents agree.

• 35 percent overall favor Newt Gingrich.

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