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As part of Mr. Sandusky’s retirement agreement in 1999, he maintained an office in the Lasch Football Building and unlimited access to the university’s football and recreational facilities.

“Over time, what happens is the person can get bolder and bolder if they’re not being caught,” Ms. Becker said. “They’ve usually been doing this for a long time.”

That scenario left Mr. Carter, now a businessman in Sunrise, Fla., in a state of shock. He scoured his mind, wondering whether he witnessed anything indicating that Mr. Sandusky engaged in the behavior. Nothing came to mind.

Now a pastor in Orlando, Mr. Johnson said he believes the side of Mr. Sandusky he knows.

“In America, the last time I checked a person is held to be innocent until proven guilty,” Mr. Johnson said. “We have to support who Jerry is as a father, husband, son and man in the community until we know otherwise.”

Children from Second Mile seemed to surround Mr. Sandusky, Mr. Carter recalled. Viewed through the prism of time, each encounter and story about Mr. Sandusky seems to take on new meaning and questions.

A pang of sadness shot through the former running back as he thought of the time and money he gave to Second Mile.

Mr. Carter said he wonders whether his well-intentioned efforts to help led to a child being taken advantage of. That would make him sick to his stomach.

“The world is disgusted,” Mr. Carter said, “and I don’t blame them.”