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Woman is killed in elevator accident

NEW YORK — A woman was killed in a freak elevator mishap Wednesday at a Madison Avenue office building, Fire Department officials said.

The accident occurred around 10 a.m. in a 1920s office tower near Grand Central Terminal that has been the longtime home of advertising agency Y&R, formerly known as Young & Rubicam.

Fire officials said the woman was stepping onto the elevator on the first floor when either her foot or leg became caught in the closing doors. The car then rose abruptly, dragging her body into the shaft and killing her, officials said.

The elevator then became stuck between the first and second floors. Two women who were on the elevator were taken to a hospital to be evaluated for psychological trauma but weren’t physically injured, Fire Department officials said.

Investigators with the fire department, the police department and the city's buildings department were on the scene in midtown Manhattan. The name of the victim was not released. Fire officials said she was 41.


Feds closer to OK of nuclear reactor

ATLANTA — Federal regulators are leaning toward approving a nuclear reactor designed by Westinghouse Electric Co. that could power the first nuclear plants built from scratch in a generation.

A majority of the members of the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission have released statements saying they voted to approve the AP1000 reactor, most recently Commissioner William Magwood IV, who publicly released his vote Wednesday. Mr. Magwood is the third of the five commissioners to vote in favor of the reactor, although it is possible that other commissioners have voted but not publicly released their ballots.

The commissioners can change their preliminary votes, which are not official until the NRC holds a final vote during a public meeting.

Still, the early support is a step forward for utility companies in Georgia, Florida and the Carolinas that have billions of dollars riding on plans to build that reactor in the Southeast. Until the NRC approves the reactor design, those utilities cannot get a license to build their plants.


Investigators: Possible fraud uncovered at FAMU

TALLAHASSEE — Authorities looking into the death of a Florida A&M University drum major opened a new investigation after they uncovered possible employee fraud and misconduct at the school, according to documents released Wednesday.

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