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“He’s meant the world to us,” senior right guard A.J. Wallerstein said. “He’s been able to grow as the team grows. He started as a freshman, and it’s nice to have a quarterback who’s going to be playing every game. He’s a real durable guy that you can trust.”

His final snaps come Wednesday. In February, he’ll learn his destination for pilot training, and there’s little doubt his actions will soon have greater significance than any game.

Still, there’s one more opportunity to enhance his legacy at Air Force — even if he’s not thinking about leaving as the academy’s career leader in victories by a starting quarterback.

“People tell me that all the time, and it’s not really big of a deal to me because I can only do so much,” Jefferson said. “I just distribute the ball, but I don’t catch the ball. I don’t score all the touchdowns. I don’t tackle anybody. That’s only one part of the game. Maybe 20 or 30 years down the road when I’m looking back at my college football career, I’ll probably think about it a little bit more.”