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Some also invest in bulletproof clothing made by the Colombian business Miguel Caballero.

Mr. Caballero, who started his company nearly 20 years ago, saw sales reach about $20 million last year, with distributors worldwide.

He said his clients in Latin America range from presidents to businesspeople who are willing to spend $900 to $3,900 for guayaberas, leather jackets and blazers that can withstand gunfire.

In Venezuela, Antonio Padrino said his company, Astron Security, turns out about five armored cars a month and he plans to increase his output.

“Given the danger, which is increasing all the time in Venezuela, unfortunately, I think production is going to double in this business in the near future,” he said.

Mr. Rojas decided to armor his vehicles several years ago after a man on a motorcycle with a pistol tried unsuccessfully to rob his father as he drove through a Caracas slum.

Mr. Rojas decided that “you have to take charge of your own security.”