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“What’s funny is that some people say they aren’t sure whether it’s satire or if they’re reading actual Beck quotes, which I guess means I managed to channel him effectively. Anyway, I hope that both critics and fans of Beck take it in the spirit of good fun.”

Judge for yourself:


More on the miasma of White House budget numbers that continue to deluge Congress.

President Obama’s federal budget for fiscal year 2012 proposes $3.73 trillion in discretionary, entitlement, and interest spending and a deficit of $1.65 trillion. For reference, George W. Bush had proposed the first-ever $3 trillion U.S. budget. In fact, President Bush was also the first to propose a $2 trillion federal budget — in 2002, only nine years ago,” says Wayne Crews, vicepresident for policy at the Competitive Enterprise Institute.

“To be sure, many other countries’ governments consume more of their national output than the U.S. government does. However, in absolute terms, the U.S. government is the largest on planet Earth, whether one looks at revenues or expenditures or deficit spending,” he continues.

“This record spending is increasing pressure to regulate instead. And sure enough, the costs of regulatory compliance, according to the Small Business Administration, now exceed $1.7 trillion — almost the level of the entire federal budget of just over a decade ago.”


• 73 percent of Americans say religious faith is important in their daily life.

• 23 percent say religious faith is not very important in their daily life.

• 65 percent favor prayer in public schools.

• 24 percent are opposed to prayer in schools, 11 percent are not sure.

• 61 percent of Americans pray at least once a day.

• 29 percent pray several times a day.

• 15 percent rarely or never pray.

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