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Runway fashions don’t always make one think about curling up on a sofa in front of a fire. But some of the lusciously soft creations at Zero + Maria Cornejo could inspire just such a yearning.

Feathered alpaca was a prominent look for Cornejo, who has dressed Michelle Obama.

When the material itself wasn’t fluffy, there were prints to echo the effect _ whimsical fur and hair prints on dresses.

Another fun print that found its way to a dress: A wall of books, inspired by a real such wall “at a brainy friend’s house.”

In this collection, it seemed that a coat was never just a coat. Tailored in front, it might suddenly billow out in back.


Bright yellows, hot pinks and shimmery golds ruled this runway, with a brush of plaid in jackets, sweatpants and hats for fall.

Johnson Hartig’s women flaunted knee-length skirts and pants, and floor-length dresses in the rainbow of popping ‘70s colors. The men stayed conservative in black, white and gray.

The women’s jackets were a highlight. Hartig kept his plaid pattern as the focus of each piece, but sometimes just in sections.

Kate and Laura Mulleavy of Rodarte graced the front row, as well as designer Thom Browne in his signature short pants.


Associated Press writers Caryn Rousseau and Summer Moore contributed to this report.