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We also need a real, public debate - not decisions behind closed doors, by unelected regulators, unreported by the media and without questions from legislators. Ditto for other states, our U.S. Congress and actions by the Environmental Protection Agency.

Perhaps transparency is an antiquated concept, unsuited to governance by regulation. But if so, we might as well get rid of the Delaware and U.S. constitutions because they no longer serve the purpose for which there were ratified.

After all, if elections and constitutions no longer matter, “We the People” can simply let “expert” regulators tell us how to behave, what to eat, how to think and what to drive - and accept a “benevolent totalitarianism.”

Then again, maybe people still believe rights come from God - and the government’s job is to protect inalienable rights from the dictates of unelected bureaucrats. Indeed, a recent Rasmussen survey says, most U.S. voters still say government’s primary purpose is protecting individual rights and freedoms.

But maybe those who hold those beliefs are simply to be disenfranchised now - by the benevolent dictatorial nanny class that always knows what’s best for us. The next few years will decide.

John Nichols is an investment adviser.