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“You can’t really understand the gigantic challenge facing Romney and Huntsman, until you understand the secret world of Joseph Smith, polygamy and Smith’s political ambition to build a theocracy in the United States,” he adds.

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“Public interest in the presidential campaign is as about high as it was four years ago, despite the fact that only one party currently has a competitive nomination contest,” says the Pew Research Center for the People & the Press latest news interest index. “While the focus this year has been on the GOP’s race, Democrats express about as much interest in 2012 candidates as do Republicans.”

Interest may be on par with days of yore, but donations are not. The six Republican presidential contenders who have revealed their fundraising hauls so far this year have raised about $35.25 million. At the same point four years ago, the 10 active Republican candidates seeking the GOP presidential nomination had raised more than $118 million, according to research by the Center for Responsive Politics.


• 81 percent of Americans are worried that increasing the federal debt will harm the financial future of children and grandchildren.

• 80 percent of Americans describe the nation’s economy as “poor.”

• 53 percent say it’s “extremely/very likely” the U.S. would face a major economic crisis if the federal debt limit is not raised.

• 29 percent say a crisis is “somewhat likely,” 16 percent say it is “not too/not at all likely.”

• 43 percent say Congress should only increase the debt ceiling if it makes significant spending cuts at the same time.

• 41 percent “strongly/somewhat oppose” raising the federal debt limit.

• 38 percent “strongly/somewhat support” raising the limit.

Source: An Associated Press-GFK Poll of 1,001 adults conducted June 16 to 20.

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