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It wouldn’t be so bad if the previous two decades hadn’t been so good. How good? This good:

• 5 NFC title games (1972, ‘82, ‘83, ‘87, ‘91 seasons). The Redskins won them all.

• 3 NBA Finals (1975, ‘78, 79). The Bullets took the middle one.

• 3 ACC men’s basketball tournaments (1976, ‘81 ‘87).

• 2 championship fights, Muhammad Ali starring in the first (vs. Jimmy Young in 1976), Sugar Ray Leonard in the second (vs. Dave Green in ‘80).

• 1 NHL conference final (1990). The Capitals were swept by the Bruins.

• 1 NBA All-Star Game (1980).

• 1 NHL All-Star Game (1982). (We’re still waiting for the second.)

• 1 PGA Championship (1976).

• 1 North American Soccer League title game (the 1980 Soccer Bowl between the New York Cosmos and the Fort Lauderdale Strikers).

On top of this, a baseball fan, if he shifted his allegiance to the Baltimore Orioles after the Senators left town, could have partaken of two World Series (1979, ‘83).

Yes, times were very good for ticket scalpers in those years. It would be nice to think they could be that good again, after the worm is done turning. It would be nice to think folks will have something to celebrate in the seasons ahead on those party decks the Redskins are installing at FedEx Field. It would be nice to think the Capitals could get past the second round of the playoffs, and that the Wizards and Nationals, when they’re done with their renovations, might get to experience the bright lights.

But for the moment there’s the U.S. Open, the golf championship of our country, and we’re darn glad to have it. This is the fourth time the event has been held here (counting the 1921 Open at Columbia Country Club) - the fourth and counting, hopefully.

A small request: Would it be too much to ask that something memorable happens, something dramatic, perhaps, on the final day? This, after all, is Washington, D.C. Stuff like this doesn’t come along very often, not like it used to.