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Q: How much did Angelo pay for that car?

A: Well, I don’t know the exact amount, but it was a lot of money.

Q: What did he tell you regarding where did he get that car from?

A: Well, the one who told me in itself was Elias because since they go to Miami, Elias told me, “Well, they are going to stop in Miami because they are going to pick up the cars they bought from Livan, and then they are coming here to Orlando to, well, hang out with us.”

Q: And what happened with those cars after they left?

A: Well, after they left, the others, Elias and I, took the cars to the hotel parking, and a truck took them to transport them to Puerto Rico.

Q: By whose orders?

A: Angelo’s.

Hotel stay financed by ‘drugs’

The hotel was the Buena Vista Palace at Walt Disney World Resort in Lake Buena Vista, Fla., advertised as only “footsteps away” from Downtown Disney. On Jan. 26, 2006, Mr. Hernandez checked into Room 452 and stayed three nights, according to the hotel folio obtained by The Times. His room was one of 51 paid for by Big League Entertainment with $5,720 in cash, the folio showed.

There were also rooms for the artists performing at the House of Blues concert arranged by Big League Entertainment, Montes testified, and rooms for “Angelo and the guys.” Rivera, described in the indictment as one of the organization’s three leaders, arrived, too, after driving the Porsche from Miami. Where did the money for the rooms come from?

“From drugs,” Montes testified.

Montes said he met Mr. Hernandez through Maldonado, also imprisoned in connection with the Orlando case. Montes and Maldonado played baseball together as youngsters in Bayamon.

“Well, Elias is a very good friend of [Mr. Hernandez‘s] and since I would hang out with Elias, I met him on a couple of occasions,” Montes testified.

Maldonado owed more than $2 million of “drug money” out “on the street,” Montes testified. Montes said he obtained more than 400 kilos of drugs in 2006 and 2007 from Ayala-Vazquez’s organization in the Barbosa housing project they controlled.

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