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The two cars were shipped to Puerto Rico and received license plates there, a place where Mr. Hernandez has longtime connections. Those included Mr. Hernandez’s ownership of the Vaqueras de Bayamon women’s professional volleyball team from 2006 to 2008, according to the Puerto Rico National Volleyball Federation.

The Florida registrations for the two cars show them in Mr. Hernandez’s name. The Lamborghini, a 2006 model with a 12-cylinder, 378-cubic-inch engine, was listed at $290,900. The Porsche, a 2003 model listed at $116,200, was customized by Gemballa, a German-based company.

The Lamborghini since has been repossessed by SunTrust Bank, which held the lien, according to a government source, after payments were not made for more than one year. The source said the car will be auctioned in Puerto Rico or Florida.

The Porsche has not been found, according to the second law enforcement source. The source said Mr. Hernandez has not put in claims on either car.

‘Clubhouse’ linked to Hernandez

The connections extended to a sprawling warehouse at the end of Casa Rosa in the Reparto Valencia neighborhood of Bayamon that was in Mr. Hernandez’s name, according to the U.S. attorney’s office, but it was used by Ayala-Vazquez’s organization. A “clubhouse” for the organization’s leaders is how the indictment described the building that included a gym, a car-repair shop, a barber shop and a recording studio.

Victor Javier Salgado Betancourt, an agent with the Puerto Rico Police Department who is part of a task force that works with the Drug Enforcement Administration, said the warehouse belonged to Ayala-Vazquez. The defense asserted that it belonged to Mr. Hernandez.

“It doesn’t belong to whom on paper it says that it belongs to,” Agent Betancourt testified under cross-examination April 7. “It belongs to whom it really belongs to.”

Agent Betancourt’s exchange with Nathan P. Diamond, one of Ayala-Vazquez’s defense attorneys, continued about a Honda Accord found at the warehouse:

Q: And you don’t know who the owner of the vehicle is?

A: It is my understanding that it is Ayala’s, because it was on his property.

Q: And if the property is registered to Livan Hernandez, it would not be on his property, would it?

A: Not necessarily.

Q: But it would be on Mr. Livan Hernandez’s property, maybe necessarily.

A: Not necessarily.

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