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Among the items seized from the warehouse were tools valued at $40,405.68, a black golf cart, furniture, music and recording gear and gym equipment. Photos from a search of the warehouse by authorities on June 17, 2009, show a flat-screen television, a police radio, racing trophies and a plastic bag with keys to the silver Lamborghini.

Mr. Hernandez purchased the warehouse in 2006 or 2007, according to the second law enforcement source. The property is currently in judicial forfeiture and eventually could be auctioned, the source said.

Mr. Hernandez has declined to address the investigation, other than in a rambling interview with Omar Claro of Spanish-language Mega TV last month when the Nationals played the Florida Marlins in Miami. Mr. Hernandez referenced the investigation, albeit indirectly.

“When something bad happens, like now, there are no facts, only things that come from people talking, and now Livan is the problem,” Mr. Hernandez said in remarks translated from Spanish. “Everyone who knows me knows I’m not like that.

“It’s another thing what they say I’ve done. I’ve had 60 things that no one has talked about. It bothers me because they say things that aren’t true. They make people think bad things. … I know that the press treats me differently and it bothers me because we’ve done many good things in Puerto Rico, many good things with children.”

Mr. Hernandez’s representatives did not respond to repeated requests for comment.

The U.S. attorney’s office in Puerto Rico said Mr. Hernandez is one of several people whom authorities are investigating in connection with the case. He is the only professional baseball player connected to Ayala-Vazquez.

Ayala-Vazquez is scheduled to be sentenced Aug. 9 after being convicted of conspiracy to distribute cocaine, heroin, marijuana and pills such as Percocet and Xanax. Last month, Judge Juan Perez Gimenez signed an order for Ayala-Vazquez and his co-defendants to forfeit more than $100 million.

Jacqueline Novas, special counsel in the U.S. attorney’s office, said last week that no follow-up meetings with Major League Baseball concerning Mr. Hernandez are scheduled.

Paulina Berkovich, Amanda Comak, John Haydon and Jerry Seper contributed to this report.