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The last time police districts were realigned was in 2004, when the number of PSAs was cut in half. Police service areas are smaller patrol areas within each police district. The new realignment will add 10 PSAs, bringing the total number to 56.

Police union Chairman Kristopher Baumann expressed concern over the addition of PSAs. He wondered whether they would require more administrative staff and take officers off the street.

“The PSAs that we have now have never been fully staffed, and we have not been at that level for some time,” Mr. Baumann said in an interview. “Given we are 400 officers down, how are these PSAs going to be properly staffed?”

“Super PSAs,” which require several lieutenants and sergeants to staff, will be eliminated under the plan and broken into smaller PSAs that will require the same total number of officers, Chief Lanier said. Although officers will be reshuffled, “we won’t have to promote new people.”

Where boundaries change, the department plans to keep the officers who have covered those beats in the neighborhoods they are familiar with to maintain good community relations, the chief added.

Among other changes in the realignment are the 4th District’s expansion to take over coverage of the Washington Hospital Center campus from the 5th District. The Kingman Park neighborhood will be shifted from the 1st District to the 5th, a portion of the Fairlawn neighborhood will transfer from the 6th to the 7th District, and the White House and a portion of the Mall will be transferred from the 1st to the 2nd District.

The next two boundary meetings are scheduled for the 6th District on Wednesday and the 4th District on Thursday.