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But the ones shocked were the Jayhawks (35-3), ranked second in the country. They missed 13 free throws and shot only 2-for-21 from beyond the arc. Walking off the court, Marcus Morris, who scored 20 points, tried to pull his jersey over his face and hide the tears.

After the final buzzer sounded, Burgess raced past the 14 police officers and 12 event staff keeping VCU supporters in the bleachers to embrace his father, Keith. Bearing an armload of white championship T-shirts, Rodriguez perched on a railing and teetered on the edge of falling into the crowd.

Skeen, who scored 26 points and grabbed 10 rebounds, sat the championship trophy on the media table for a radio interview, with instructions to keep it safe.

And when Smart stepped onto the podium set up in the middle of the court, he took a microphone and looked straight at the few hundred screaming fans.

“There’s one last thing,” Smart told the crowd. “We’re not done yet.”