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“The lesson here really is that we placed too much trust in a single individual,” Woods said.

Also, two top officials _ chief operating officer Natalie Wisneski and vice president of marketing Jay Fields _ resigned last week.

Arizona state prosecutors are also conducting a probe into possible criminal wrongdoing.

Junker’s attorney, Steve Dichter, declined to comment Wednesday.

In its report, Fiesta Bowl officials listed a number of reforms to prevent a repeat, including hiring a chief financial officer and a general counsel/compliance officer. The compliance officer will report directly to the board of directors.

All compensation to “senior-level employees” will be reviewed by the board of directors.

The BCS task force will include university presidents, conference commissioners and school athletic directors and conduct its own investigation. It will make recommendations to the 11 commissioners of the major conferences that participate in the arrangement.

Hancock expects a decision to come quickly but gave no timeframe.

If last season’s Auburn-Oregon game turns out to be the last BCS game the Fiesta Bowl organizers host, there will be no shortage of bowls looking to grab its lucrative spot.

Cotton Bowl organizers have clearly stated a desire to be part of the BCS. They moved its game to the Dallas Cowboys’ lavish stadium in Arlington, Texas, last year and even secured a primetime television slot on Fox to raise its profile.

Cotton Bowl president Rick Baker declined to comment on the Fiesta Bowl situation and what it could mean for his game.

Capital One Bowl executive director Steve Hogan has said he would aggressively pursue any vacant spot in the BCS lineup for his Orlando, Fla.-based game.

The Gator Bowl, based in Jacksonville, Fla., and the Chick-fil-A Bowl, based in Atlanta, could also be candidates.


Russo reported from New York. AP sports writer Tim Dahlberg in Las Vegas contributed to this report.

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