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Whitfield said new Titans offensive coordinator Chris Palmer _ who might be looking to replace another mobile quarterback, Vince Young _ and Cardinals coach Ken Whisenhunt asked for a couple of more throws.

Buffalo general manager Buddy Nix said he saw what he wanted to out of Newton, but emphasized that much more goes into drafting a player.

“Workouts are a small piece of the puzzle,” said Nix, a former Auburn coach. “We go by how they play. Throwing’s good. You can tell something about his release and you can tell something about his arm, but the only way you can tell if a guy can play quarterback is when he’s being rushed and you’ve got coverage and you’ve got to throw it in a tight spot. That’s kind of what we go by, 80 percent probably.”

The Bills own the third overall pick.

Fairley, who won the Lombardi Award, didn’t get quite the comprehensive look during a series of drills with other defensive linemen.

“If anybody can tell if a guy can play football running through those dummies, he’s better than I am,” Nix said. “But you do see athletic ability. He’s got great ability and good feet and speed and burst and all those things. He’s a good player. He makes plays on Saturday and he’ll make them again on Sunday.”

Fairley said he thought the day went “real well.” He’s still having trouble getting used to getting to talk with NFL coaches.

“It feels weird,” he said. “I see those guys on TV and then those guys actually come and talk to me. It feels kind of good.”